Recent inspiration – The Creative Curve

I attended a AMA meeting this past week and got super motivated by author, Allen Gannett. I received a copy of his new book, The Creative Curve and just started reading. There are many ideas that I will dig into as I read it this weekend but right off the bat, I really connected with is the concept of training the brain to be creative through intensive focused study. He uses the example of Jonathan Hardesty’s path to becoming a master painter. I am intrigued by his rapid and dramatic progress as a painter and want to see what I can learn from him.

Getting my pigments organized

I have reached a critical mass (yikes over 70) in my addiction to watercolor. Time to make an inventory of all the pigments I have purchased since I started this passion for watercolor in 2015. I had them piled in bins by basic color group. I’m going to use these images of the paint tubes to create a spread sheet of brand, color group, color name.

Other watercolorists have asked what brands I use. They are all over the lot including student grade Cottman,(recommended by one of my favorite loose-style artists, Andrew Geeson)

Brands include: Lukas, Daniel Smith, Grumbacher, M Graham, Holbein, Winsor Newton, Qor, American Journey, Cottman and Sennelier.



Yellows and oranges
Blues and purples
Reds and Pinks
Browns and a few misc