Framing Options

OK, you have the painting. What do I do now?

Keep the painting flat and protected at all times. Creases or water will destroy a watercolor painting. Its now time to decide how it will be framed.

Many of my pieces are 11 x 15 or quarter sheet and can be framed with a stock 16 x 20 frame with a matte if desired. Glass should always be used for protection.  You can pick up an inexpensive frame from Micheals or Hobby Lobby on sale that may come with a standard matte. You have many additional colored and textured stock matte options or you can have a custom matte cut and still use a stock frame. Stock frames will come with basic glass that will protect the piece from dust and scratches. Keep in mind that this type of glass but does not offer UV protection to be careful where you place in your home.

Another option is to select a custom frame to match or coordinate with your decor. There are frames shops in your area that can offer assistance in selecting a matte color and frame material. They can also explain different glass options including museum quality glass that blocks 99% of UV light so pieces remain clearer and brighter long term.

I always like to see the finished piece so send me a picture when it’s all framed. ENJOY!



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