How to Commission a Painting

Commissions can be a great way to have create a painting exactly to your liking. It might be a special place you have traveled to, a special memory, a piece that is a standout in your home or one that speaks a certain mood. It can be an exciting and rewarding experience. The end result is a painting like no other in the world!

My intent in this short blog is to outline my commission process and hopefully address any questions or concerns you might have.

The first step is to fully understand what you want to achieve. Size and color preferences will be discussed. Are there reference images available? I will ask about the mood and energy if known. If desired, I may come to your home to get a feel for the environment and the location for the final piece. I will capture these important details in a contract and a deposit is collected.

I often encourage the use of a Pinterest folder where you can post other photos, paintings and images that may help convey what you are seeking. We will have further discussions until we are clear on direction, content, colors, etc.

I generally will supply some sort of image plan(s) and preliminary that defines the piece and receive your comments before I proceed.

Next I go to work on your piece and depending on the piece, I might send progress reports and images so you have a clear idea of where I am headed.

When close to completion, I again share either images or a video call to walk through the entire piece in detail. We will discuss any comments you may have and work to address any suggestions.


The piece is then finalized and delivered (if local) or shipped as needed. Final payment is received prior to shipping.

Here is the final installed at the client’s home. A custom frame was added to finish off the look. These are available in several wood finishes.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you


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