My painting process

I wanted to show some details about how my paintings are generally created.


First, I will work with you to get the image that I need. This is Shelby, a cocker spaniel from PA.  A good source image makes a good pet portrait so I am fussy about having a good one. See guidelines.  


Next a detailed pencil drawing is done (called a contour drawing) that marks tonal differences. I then applied masking fluid to all areas that I wanted to keep white. White can be used in watercolor but traditionalists do not use white paint but keep the paper devoid of pigment to show white areas. The image below shows the yellow tinted masking fluid and the first wash. Watercolor is applied in a series of transparent washes.


You can see in these images how washes are applied, going increasing from light tones to darker tonal values.


Here the masking has been removed and I continue to work in details


And here is the finished piece


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